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our songs coming soon!

Junior and Bob Home made Blues

Junior and I have played together for about five years. He is good guitar player and I'm so glad he lets me play with him, We been playing the Blues for anyone that hear us it's fun I love it!

This is what Ironman Mike Curtis said about our tape!

BTW I listened to your tape (Junior and Bob) on the way home last 
night.  Usually I can listen to a couple of songs on a decent CD 
before my (limited) attention span kicks in and I put on something 
else.  I listened to most of it.  Side one, and probably about half of 
side two.  Nice job.  You play some tasty harp (and IMHO should 
be doing more of the singing, too :-)

 -- mike
I'm working on CD I hope it to be out soon at this time we are not sending out our tape so to the lucky folks that got it hang on to it who knows it may be worth somthing some day!

Junior and Bob

Robert Holt and Junior Vega
2897 W.Telegraph
Fillmore, Calif. 93015
United States