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I'v been playing the blues since I was six trying to sound like my dad.
I had only heard the harp in Gospel music.
it was intell I heard my frist blues song that I wanted play blues like that.
I like chicago blues best it's smooth and cool it talks with power.
the old microphones I still love the looks of them!

It was after high school and some college, I hung around where ever
 I could to play blues.
I did the rock thing in and out of bands not tell I got with the
 blues bands,
things stareted to take off! now I sit in with the band when they,
want blues harp.   
I have blues guitar friend that just happens to be the lead guitar player,for
the band.
I play by ear books and such never work for me I don't play as good as,some
better than others.
if you want to get some free help or you just want to talk blues e-mail me!
I don't know who said it but the blues is just good man feeling bad.