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Brother Bob's Blues Harp
     (Bob rides again!)

This is a site that is for basic Blues Harp

This is how I feel when I play Blues Harp! I never gotten tired of doing it all these years.

Want hear some great Harp players?

would you like to get tips on playing Blues Harp and hear it from, players from around the world then get on my list for Blues news!

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My List of Links

Diatonic Harmonica Reference: This is good site to start with,lots of great info.
Celtic guitar music: lots of links here folks,
Modern Blues Harmonica by ADAM GUSSOW: You Tube lessons ,He is a true Master,
Blues Harp: this good list of players and Harp resources.
Blues Harp amps: Here you will find Blues Amps.
Track Recording: This is just a little help on four Track Recording.

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