Harmonica Workshop

I just had to put up page to talk about the Harmonica Workshop that I went to this june.
I had the time of my life more Harping then I have ever heard befor!
every where I went folks were blowing Harp and playing guitar.

I must say there where more Harp players then Guitar players thats what we where there for.
we paid 180 dollars to go and wroth every penny of it.
we got to talk and be with the best of the best I wanted to do this every weekend!
it was one weekend I will never forget as long as I live.
just to be next to the Harmonica greats not to mention that they where 
sharing their techneics with us.  

To name just a few of them , they were: Charlie Musselwhite, and James Harman I had heard 
before. And it goes without saying that these guys are masters.  But the one that stood 
out the most for me was Mark Hummel. He really stole the show with an instrumental version
of "Hand Jive".  Which I might add he played wireless , jumped off the
stage, went through the crowd and back to the stage playing his harp like a "Pied Piper".
Also, his workshop had humor , as well as techneic and insight into playing
the harmonica.

this workshop was made possible by David Barrett and his hard working team, which included 
 his mother.
The first night I was able to play  in the jam session with Dave  and he is every 
bit as good in his own right as any of the others I have mentioned.
I could go on and on you get the idea.
I think if you can go and have the time and money every Harp player will get somthing out
of this Workshop and have the best time they ever had.  

More Info about Workshops Below

take look at the new workshop coming up!

Harmonica Masterclass Workshop.: All you need to know about the workshop is on this page!

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