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Homemade Digital MusiC

Do you like making your own music even if you do not play a
musical instrument yourself but you always wanted to.
would you like to learn? well I can show you how! its easy!

Here are some things you need to have on your PC. to make
it work a sound card, speakers and a microphone.
most of your newer PC. have everything above; if you do not
I can help you get what you need easy and cheap not problem.

We need to get few music tools so we can get the job done.
you will need Audio Editor one that  I like to start  with is
download: Audacity
After you have downloaded this Editor you will notice how
easy it is to cut and paste your music.
the best  way to learn, is to play with this Audio Editor, then
you need to record with it!
be sure and use the help files; I know you just hate to even
go there! but this is where you can learn lot ok?

Now here is one more music tool that is free and will do lot
musical things and for about 20 bucks it do much more.
It works fine for us in the free mode.
Download:Anivl Studio 
here you will find lot good info and links to more music stuff!
          The reason for this second Audio Editor is its ability to mix
           midi and wave together this great for making music loops!