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Here are some rough samples of some of my Harp playing that I want put on CD! Also some bends,tongue blocking overblows blow bends so on. They are short and rough just made them on my PC forgive the poor sound quality at lest they are in Real Audio format short down load time. (MM-Melody Maker) Click to hear Rain ra. 122k D-MM Harp. Click to hear draw bends ra. 87k A Harp. Click to hear fast slow ra. 84k D-MM Harp Click to hear tongue blocking ra.65k A Harp. Click to hear Indian Summer ra.95k E-minor Harp. Click to hear Fill in ra.195k E Harp Click to hear more fill ra.295k E Harp Click to hear Train ra.295k D Harp OK! folks you asked for more Harp playing so I will add them from time to time so keep coming back the samples list is going to get bigger and bigger! Click to hear Kansas City ra. 830k F Harp

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