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Track Recording

Actually recording is as easy as loading your software into your
computer, plugging  your mic into the sound card, and playing.
Soloists can record one rhythm track, then record another lead
while your previous track plays back into your headphones,
 then add
vocals on a third track.You can keep adding as many
 tracks as your
computer or software can handle.

I use Adobe Audition it was known before as Cool Edit this is great
for track
recording and making music loops.
Lets talk about making music loops,what are they and how do you

What are loops

A music loop is a pre-recorded, usually short, snippet of a musical

performance that repeats flawlessly. Loops come as CD-quality sound
files, usually in .wav format. A single loop might be a drum beat, bass
guitar riff, piano part, or something else. By selecting and arranging
different musical loops, you create new songs. Purchased loops are
royalty-free and the finished compositions you create from them
to you.
You can make loops from midi sound files and combine them into
files with the Anvil Studio so you may want to try that for

The best way I know to make a music loop is to load a drum beat in
your music editor set beats per minute or Tempo of the beat and
record it.
You can go on line and find tons of free drum beats to make into a
Musical loop.